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Yuqi Deng 亓瑀


YuQi Deng, a virtuosic GuZheng (Chinese zither) performer, born in Xi’an, China, graduated from Traditional Chinese Music Department at Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), China, one of the winners of the 1995 National GuZheng Competition sponsored by China Culture Bureau, is one of the members of the Chinese Musician Society of China, Chinese Guzheng Society, and Ethnomusicology Society of China.

This website is intentionally built to serve as a window for people who are interested in GuZheng to have further understanding of this ancient Chinese musical instrument, as well as a window to know YuQi as a GuZheng performer. Hopefully this website could become a bridge and facilitate the cultural exchange between the East and the West.

A Home of the GuZheng --古筝 (Chinese Zither)